How to add Stickers to a Snap on Snapchat

How to add Stickers to a Snap

To add stickers to a Snap on Snapchat follow the following steps:-

Tap  the Snapchat sticker button on the Preview screen to open the sticker drawer and tap a sticker you like! You can decorate your Snap with all kinds of different stickers!

Some stickers show info like the current temperature, time of day, or where the Snap was taken ?

To delete a Sticker, press and hold on it, then drag it into the trash ?️

To get a little more creative…

  • Change sticker categories by swiping in the sticker drawer
  • Move a sticker by pressing and dragging on it ?
  • Pin a sticker to any object by pressing and holding on to it — it will move, rotate, and change size with whatever it’s pinned to!
  • Resize a sticker by pinching it like you’re zooming in and out ?
  • Enable Auto Stickers in the sticker drawer to see new stickers from recent Snaps in Memories and Camera Roll photos!
  • Show where you took the Snap with a Location sticker
  • Create a poll by tapping the poll sticker!

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