How to Add Text to a Snap

How to Add Text to a Snap

To add text to a snap, follow the following steps:-

Tap ‘?’ on the Preview screen to add text to a Snap. You can add captions in all different styles and sizes!

Tap the quotation mark icon to automatically generate closed captions for the audio in your Snap. You can edit the captions, drag, resize, and rotate them!

To get a little more creative

  • Change the text style with the options shown above the keyboard
  • Resize text by pinching your caption like you’re zooming in and out ?
  • Boldunderline or italicize text by selecting it and using your device’s text formatting options
  • Change the color of your text by dragging your thumb on the color slider ?
  • Mention friends in your Snap by tapping ‘@’ and choosing their username
  • Set a timer for when you want your text to appear by tapping the timer icon when using the caption tool ⏱

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