Here’s How To Contact OnlyFans Support

If you want to contact OnlyFans then you can easily contact their customer support.

There are five ways to talk to the customer support of OnlyFans which we have covered in detail in this article.

You can contact OnlyFans via Email, the Contact Form on the website, Twitter, and via a support ticket

You might be asking yourself if OnlyFans have a contact number. At the moment; OnlyFans does not have a customer support phone number that you can use to contact them

How To Contact OnlyFans Support

Here are steps to follow to contact OnlyFans

1. Use the OnlyFans Contact Form

Go to and fill out the form

2. Create a Support Ticket

To create a support ticket on OnlyFans, follow these steps:-

  1. Log in to your OnlyFans Account
  2. Click on your profile icon > Help and support > Take me to support > All tickets
  3. Click the ‘CREATE TICKET’ button
  4. Select a question
  5. Add details > Attach file (optional)
  6. Create Ticket

That’s it, once you’ve successfully created the ticket, you will see it on the “Open tickets” tab.

OnlyFans tickets will typically be responded to within one to three business days.

Once the ticket is solved, you will see it on the “Solved tickets” tab.

If OnlyFans closes the ticket, you will see it on the “Closed tickets” tab

3. OnlyFans Support Email

You can contact OnlyFans Customer Support via email

OnlyFans has two primary email accounts:

  1. User questions:
  2. For media & Press inquiries contact:

4. Twitter OnlyFans Support

You can reach OnlyFans through their Twitter Account @OnlyFansSupport

That’s it, use either of the above methods to contact OnlyFans especially if you are a creator or you need a refund or cancelling your account

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