How to delete a group chat on snapchat

Do you want to delete a group chat on Snapchat? Currently, You can’t directly remove someone from a Snapchat group as there’s no feature on Snapchat to actually remove someone from a group chat, but there are two ways to achieve the same goal.

How to delete a group chat on Snapchat

Below are the two ways how to delete a group on Snapchat:-

Set up a new group chat

If you’re in more of a hurry, you can just set up a new group chat that includes everyone except the user or users you wish to remove. The process is simple and should take you no more than a minute or two to complete.

Ask the person to leave the group chat

This one is definitely more of an aggressive move, and whether you choose to use it or not will depend on how comfortable you are with confrontation. Once they leave the group, all of their chats and Snaps will be automatically deleted from the group.

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