How to find deleted friends on snapchat

How to find deleted friends on Snapchat

Find Deleted Snapchat Friends By Username

To find deleted friends on Snapchat, tap on the Add Friends “+” icon located at the top. Here, you will see the list of all friends you might know or want to follow. Next, find the friend you deleted and tap on the add button to include it on your friend’s list.

Find Deleted Friend from My Friend’s List

Open Snapchat and tap on your profile icon > Friends > My Friends. Here, you will see the profiles you follow and those who followed you. Next, find the friend that you deleted and tap on the Add button

Find deleted Friends using Snapcode

The fastest way to find a deleted contact on Snapchat is through Snapcode. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Snapchat app.
  • Head over to your profile and find the “Add Friends” section.
  • Tap the ghost icon.
  • See if you have the Snapcode available in your gallery.
  • If the Snapcode is right, then the platform will scan the code and get that person back to your friend’s list.

Find deleted Friends using the Snapchat Nearby feature

If this is someone you added nearby, you better hope you remember their username.

These were the easiest methods for adding the deleted contacts back to your friend’s list on Snapchat.

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