How to fix “This channel cannot be displayed” on telegram

When you experience “This channel cannot be displayed” on telegram error it means that Telegram has hidden the channel from general view or it’s banned.

Telegram bans or hides channels that spread pirated media, explicit content, or in the worst case, spread violence and hatred messages.

However, you may also be prompted with a similar error message for when the region you’re in limits a specific content or the content you want to access is not illegal but is sensitive.

To bypass “This channel cannot be displayed on telegram” follow the below steps:-

How to fix “This channel cannot be displayed” on telegram

To fix  “This channel can’t be displayed” on Telegram, you need to download the desktop version of Telegram.

Once you have installed the Telegram Desktop version, go to the settings, and switch on “show sensitive content”. This switch unlocks all sensitive content.

On the Telegram Web and Telegram Desktop (except for the version from Microsoft Store IIRC), for example, has no restrictions at all and provides access to both p***graphic and copyrighted content even for iOS/macOS users.

Copyrighted content restriction can be bypassed by sideloading apps from the Telegram website.

There are no restrictions on viewing copyrighted content in Android, iOS, and macOS apps that are available for download from the Telegram website.

Regional restrictions are a little more complicated. To bypass them, you will have to change your phone number in your Telegram settings or use some 3rd party Apps. The easiest is using VPN to change your location.

There are still cases when Telegram blocks access to some content in general on the entire platform, but they are quite rare and are used in exceptional cases when Telegram ToS are violated

Remember to force-close the Telegram app on your phone and re-open it after you’ve turned the sensitive filter off.

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