How to leave telegram group without notification

Do you want to leave the Telegram group without notifying other members that you have left?

If you want to leave a Telegram group, then there’s a button that allows you to exit freely.

Currently, when you leave the group, Telegram instantly lets the admins in the group know that you’ve left via a notification in the group chat.

To leave or exit the Telegram group secretly follow the below steps:-

How to leave telegram group without notification

You can leave a Telegram group without anyone in the group chat knowing by selecting the group chat’s name at the top and selecting More.  From here you can choose options like ‘leave group’. This will allow you to leave the chat without being notified.

If you are an active member it’s best to leave the Telegram group normally by following the following steps on how you can leave a telegram group.

The reason why exiting the group chat can work when you chat is always busy is because people might miss the notification once you leave.

How can I leave a group on telegram?

To leave a group in telegram, follow these steps:-

  1. Click on the group name on top
  2. Then click on the three white dots on the top right
  3. Then click on delete and leave the group
  4. Then press Ok

Leaving Telegram Group by Archiving the Chat

Another method of leaving a Telegram group without other people in the chat noticing is by archiving the chat.

This involves you clearing the chat so that you don’t have to look at it each time you’re on Telegram

To Archive, a chat in Telegram follow these steps:-

  1. Open Telegram.
  2. Find the chat that you want to archive.
  3. On iPhone, swipe to the left on the chat. On Android, you want to tap and hold.
  4. Select Archive.

Blocking A Telegram Group to Leave Without Being Noticed

Another method to get out of a Telegram group chat without anyone noticing is by blocking the group.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll be leaving the group, it just means that you won’t be receiving notifications from the group, and no one in the group can message you.

This is another alternative to actually leaving because it has all of the benefits and no one will receive a notification

Muting a Telegram Group without Anyone Noticing

Another method for leaving the Telegram group without anyone knowing is by muting the group.

Although this isn’t leaving the chat, it has that same effect.

You’ll still be part of the group, but you’ll no longer be receiving notifications when people message you

What does a person see when I leave a telegram channel?

When you leave a telegram channel only the admins of the channel can see who subscribes to the channel or who leaves the channel. And the only thing they see is “<name> left the channel”. Admins can find the feed for the last 48 hours by clicking “Administrators” > “Recent Actions” > “All Actions” > apply only the filter “Leaving Members” > click “Done” and you see all the people who left your channel in the last 48 hours

How do I check who left my Telegram channel?

Open your channel and Go To Manage channel -> Recent Actions -> Filters -> Uncheck All Actions and click only Leaving Members and save it

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