How to transfer GBWhatsApp messages to WhatsApp?

If you’ve tried out GBWhatsApp but you’re not very impressed and you want to go back to the original version of WhatsApp with all your chats and their information, it’s quite easy.

To transfer GBWhatsApp messages to the original WhatsApp you need first to backup your GBWhatsapp chats on the local device storage by going to Settings > Chat Settings > Backup Chat.

GBWhatsApp has kept in mind that someone may move from the modded app back to the original app.

So you can restore GBWhatsApp backups into WhatsApp vice versa.

How to transfer GBWhatsApp messages to WhatsApp?

To transfer GBWhatsApp chats to WhatsApp follow the following steps:-

  1. Open GBWhatsApp and navigate to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. At this moment, you can take a backup of your GBWhatsApp chats on your storage.
  2. Once the backup has been completed, just go to the Play Store, and download the official WhatsApp on your device.
  3. Open any file manager on your phone and locate your storage.
  4. Navigate to GBWhatsApp > Database and view a list of the available backup files. Just select the most recent completed backup file and rename it to “msgstore.db” by clearing the date from the filename.
  5. After this, copy the “msgstore.db” file and go to the WhatsApp > Database folder to paste the file.
  6. That’s all! once the file completes moving, you can now launch WhatsApp on your phone and enter the same number you were using with the GBWhatsApp. WhatsApp would detect an existing backup, simply press “restore”.

How to transfer GB WhatsApp messages to a new phone?

To transfer GBwhatsApp messages to a new phone, follow the below steps:-

  1. Firstly Make up a backup of the chat history by going to Settings> Chats>Backup Chats.
  2. After backing up, Now send that file to your new cell phone (through Bluetooth or connecting through pc or laptop )
  3. Copy and Paste it into the folder where the chat History of GBWhatsApp messages are backed up for the phone.
  4. Mostly that folder is in the phone memory→GBWhatsApp folder→Databases→paste the file here.
  5. After that Install GBwhatsapp on the new phone and restore chat.

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