What is telegram x

Telegram x is an alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations, and experimental features. It offers a simpler, more streamlined interface for chats while adding in a new tab for making calls to its main screen

Telegram x vs Telegram

Telegram x has a slightly different home user interface when compared to the regular Telegram app.

The regular Telegram app has the dedicated calls option on the menu.

On Telegram X, chats and calls are separated by tabs, which is something you see on WhatsApp.

In terms of useable features, Telegram X does exactly what the original Telegram does.

Regardless, you’ll still get to send text messages, voice messages, send photos, videos and large files, docs, links, GIFs, emojis, a long list of, etc, as per usual.

Essentially, Telegram X is an excellent alternative to Telegram which is already a standalone success of an IM app.

What Telegram X offers is better performance and a wider array of features

Telegram X download

You can download Telegram X from the Google Play store via this link

Is telegram X available for iOS?

Yes, Telegram X for iOS is available. Telegram X for iOS is written entirely in Swift and is significantly lighter, faster, and more battery-efficient than the original app, built with Objective C.

The design and feature set are closer to what iOS users have learned to expect from Telegram, but you will definitely notice the smooth animations, and faster speed and loading times on most iPhones.

Is telegram X available for android?

Telegram X for Android is available. It was born in the furnaces of a contest for Android developers. The winner then used the power of TDLib to create a stunning app with a special focus on smooth animations.

X for Android is faster and more battery-efficient than the original app and features a sleek new design:

Is Telegram X discontinued?

Telegram X for Android has not been discontinued. Telegram X for iOS is now just Telegram, no need for it. It is since October last year after the Apple store pulled the X version from the app store. This was after Telegram was alerted that inappropriate content was made available to their users, and both apps were taken off the App Store. Since then Telegram X for iOS has not been available on the Apple store

Telegram x update

Telegram provides updates for Telegram X for android via Google Play store updates. You can always update it

What is Telegram X used for?

The goal of Telegram X is to reinvent Telegram and explore new frontiers in speed, ease of use, quality of animations, and all other aspects.

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