Why Does OnlyFans Need My Address?

Why does OnlyFans need my address?

Onlyfans will need your address and real ID for verification and payment processing purposes. They will check your identity by passing your information to a third party for verification. Therefore, If you have to create an account on OnlyFans, then you will have to upload your ID and address

Onlyfans took this strict step to prevent spam actions like the creation of fake profiles. In addition, Onlyfans will need your address to send mail to in case you earn over $600 in a month. This mail is for tax purposes for US creators only.

Once again, if Onlyfans asks you to verify your account with a real ID or driver’s license, it will get your account verified with a blue tick that represents your account is valid

Usually, Onlyfans will review your account, and it takes 48 to 72 hours for it to be verified or rejected.

If your Onlyfans account has not been verified yet you will get an email with details on the decision to review your account.

Most OnlyFans accounts don’t get verified due to the use of the wrong address. Many people enter the wrong address hence accounts get rejected. The best practice is to use the address on your ID or Passport. Remember for your safety all this information is kept confidential. There’s nothing to worry about.

Your personal information is also not shown on your profile. You are given a fan ID after creating an account. That is your id. Whenever you successfully subscribe to an account, the creator sees only your ID. Creators Can’t see your name and address.

Is OnlyFans safe for address?

Yes, OnlyFans is mostly safe. The site is a legitimate social media platform and it’s about as safe as any other social network out there

Why does OnlyFans need my personal information?

Moreover, you’ll need to provide extra documents to verify your identity. These are a photo of your government-issued ID (like a passport, driver’s license, or ID card) and a selfie of you holding up the same document. OnlyFans needs that information for tax purposes for US creators and for payment processing

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