YoWhatsapp APK Download, Update, and Features

What is YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp app is a modified version of the original WhatsApp app, which is best for performance.

This APK is the perfect choice for WhatsApp users who wants to have additional features in the official WhatsApp application.

It has all the features of a popular WhatsApp application but has an upgrade form.

It adds lots of functionality to your chatting experience and satisfies the user completely in every admirable activity

The YoWhatsApp modified version is embedded with more functional and classic features.

It covers many issues including better user privacy and more customizing options

Features of YoWhatsApp

Below is the list of YoWhatsApp features that make it unique compared to the original WhatsApp:-

  1. This App gives you the option of more than one hundred languages. It means that you can communicate in multiple languages. You have the choice of your desired language. New Azerbaijani language is also added to the App.
  2. You can block calls of any contact or unsaved number. The call block option is not present in the original YoWhatsApp APK
  3. You can set an image on the background of the YoWhatsApp APK, which is your Wallpaper. Your communication becomes more visually satisfying.
  4. This App supports White navigation for Android 8.0, which brings more convenience and additional functionality.
  5. The library of themes is full of new designs and themes hence you can choose from thousands of layouts and colors.
  6. You can autosave the themes and create a theme.zip file, which allows you to transfer themes to another device easily.
  7. You can change the name color of your group member’s name, which is a cool function that is aesthetically appealing.
  8. Your call FAB is added to your call screen. The original App lacks this function.
  9. You can choose the colors of the ticks, which brings a new experience to communication.
  10. There is an addition of cool bubbles to the App.
  11. You can hide your online status, which provides you more privacy and control during communication.
  12. You have the facility to send ten images to your contacts in one message. The original App allows only four images.
  13. File sharing is surprisingly good. You can send a file of 700 MB with a single message.
  14. You can hide the blue tick.
  15. You are able to change the tick style and bubble style.
  16. The default interface has a blue color.
  17. You can send HQ images by pressing the camera button long enough.
  18. YoWhatsApp APK allows you to set your name on the App screen.
  19. You can pin more than 1000 chats.
  20. You can also use a fingerprint lock to hide the chats.
  21. A call privacy feature is added to the App. Now, you can select who you can call.
  22. You can change the font style of name and status.
  23. The group message counter is present in the App.
  24. You can contact online toast.
  25. You can choose from hundreds of emojis from the library.
  26. You can set privacy for groups and chats.
  27. Your status can be 250 words long.
  28. You can zoom profile pictures.
  29. You can change the App icon.
  30. Previous bugs are fixed in the new version.

How To Download YoWhatsApp

Since the YoWhatsApp APK for Android has not been officially released or published by the makers, you cannot download, or install the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

This is why you have to download it from a third-party website to use it on your Android smartphone.

There are several third-party websites that offer APK downloads, just google YoWhatsApp Download and you will find them. You can download it from this here

The Requirement to install YoWhatsApp APK

The following are the requirements for the App:-

  1. You must have an android phone.
  2. You must uninstall the official WhatsApp, before installing the YoWhatsApp APK.
  3. You must have an internet connection.
  4. You must have the downloaded App.

YoWhatsApp chats backup

By following some steps, you can easily perform your backup activity.

  1. At first, you need to go to the chat section top left side.
  2. Now, click on 3 dots.
  3. And then click on setting.
  4. After that Click Chats.
  5. Again go on Chats.
  6. Now Click on Chat Backup.
  7. Find the Green Color Backup button to click on, here you select your Gmail to backup in Google drive.
  8. Finally, the backup file is saved on your Google Drive of your certain Gmail.

How To Update YoWhatsApp

Before you update YoWhatsApp, you need to back up your chats as explained above.

Once you have completed the back-up process, follow these steps to updates YoWhatsApp

  1. Open the YoWhatsApp APK, go to the Chat section, then click the 3 dots menu from the Top Right Corner.
  2. Arises a pop-up menu, from there click on YoMods.
  3. Now, click on the other mod option, and find some settings there.
  4. Find and access the update option and then click on check for updates.

How to install YoWhatsApp APK?

You need to follow these steps to install YoWhatsApp APK

  1. Open your computer
  2. Connect to the internet.
  3. Go to Google.com
  4. Search download YoWhatsApp APK setup.
  5. You will get the setup from third-party sites.
  6. Download the App.
  7. Then you need to uninstall the original WhatsApp on your phone.
  8. Transfer the setup from the PC to the phone.
  9. Then install the setup on your android phone.
  10. You also need to back up your data before uninstalling WhatsApp.
  11. After installing YoWhatsApp, you can recover your data.
  12. Now, you can use the YoWhatsApp APK.

Download YoWhatsApp iOS Version

Presently, YoWhatsApp is available for Android mobile phone, and PC users. PC users need to install an Android Emulator to run the app. At the moment YoWhatsApp is not available for iOS users

Is YoWhatsApp safe to use?

YoWhatsapp is not at all safe, as it is not official and genuine WhatsApp so the security and privacy in it is not good

How do I download and install YoWhatsApp on my phone?

Open WhatsApp, go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup, and tap Backup. Uninstall the actual WhatsApp app from your phone. Go to Google, search for YoWhatsApp APK, and download it to your phone. Tap on the downloaded APK to install YoWhatsApp on your device.


YoWhatsApp app is a modified version of the original WhatsApp app, which is best for performance. Above we have covered how you can download YoWhatsApp to your phone, YoWhatsApp installation process, updating, and features of YoWhatsApp that make it unique compared to the original WhatsApp. YoWhatsApp is a 100% free app for Android and PC users. Overall, it is familiar for its user performance such as user-friendly interface, various icons, themes, background color that lead to enhancing user experience.

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